koin tower hardwood floors
Weave in extending into living room
Traffic Naturale on white oak top nail
Naturale on Jacobean with red oak
Demo of existing hardwood to subfloor
Rift and quartered white oak irvington
Quartersawn oak after sanding
stain samples on rift and quartered herringbone parquet
Overspray on hardwood floor
Prefinished floors with heavy damage from paint and paint thinner
We work clean
Dark spots on oak flooring
trowel fill wood grain filler
Subflooring and vapor barrier installation
Weave in floor repair before
Wood grain filler in oak floor
Hardwood floor pet stains
Painted fir flooring
Flooring with sheetrock mud and paint
Wood grain filler creates even sheen!
Refinish prefinished oak
Refinish Painted Floors
Pegged white oak with Traffic HD Extra Matte
Jacobean stain on red oak with Traffic Extra Matte
Traffic HD Naturale on top naili white oak
Jacobean unwaterpopped on select red oak
New installation of rift and quartered white oak
bona traffic extra matte on rift and quartered white oak
Quartersawn oak with oil finish
herringbone parquet with Bona Traffic HD Satin
Emulsion Semi gloss finish
Refinished Prefinished Flooring with Pallman Finish
Prefinished bamboo glue down installation
#1 Common oak refinished
Maple floor with border
Prefinished Hardwood Floor Installation
Weave in floor repair after
Two coats satin polyurethane
Pet stains removed
New cvg fir flooing with oil finish
basic coatings emulsion
Semi Gloss oil finish
Dustless refinish in Pearl District
Emulsion Semi gloss