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What if I don't want to completely sand and refinish my floors?

Posted by brian on Saturday, March 31, 2012,
I often meet with clients who do not want to go through the trouble and expense of a complete floor refinish.  We do offer a scaled back service called screening and recoating.  This means the existing finish is abraded with a 150 grit flooring screen and then a top coat or finish is applied.  This level of project can usually be completed in one day and costs approximately 70% less than a standard refinish.
There are some things to consider before this process can be implemented.
  •  Screening ...

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Water based floor finishes

Posted by brian on Monday, March 19, 2012,
  • Two component catalyzed system.  Very low odor.
  • Very very tough coating
  • Approximately $110.00 per gallon
  • Once product is catalyzed it must be used within 4-6 hours.  This greatly increases waste.  Even if you mix partial batches; if you don't have too much you don't have enough.   
  • Product will solidify if left catalyzed in its container ie a solid mass with some water bi-product.  Can simplify disposal of excess product.
  • Must seal floor prior to application with shellac, oil quick dry sealer or a...

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The critical steps of a new hardwood floor installation.

Posted by brian on Friday, March 16, 2012,
There are few projects I enjoy more than installing a new 3/4 tongue and groove hardwood floor.  Laminate flooring has it's place but at the end of the day it is a five to ten year installation.  When you lay a true hardwood floor chances are pretty good that flooring will be in use for seventy five to one hundred years!  I can't think of a greener flooring application than one that is readily repairable and replaceable.  Which is more environmentally friendly producing, shipping and install...
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